How To Arrange A Small Bedroom

Have a small bedroom? Want to be sure you’re getting the most out of every inch of your small space? Check out this guide for how to arrange a small bedroom for tips on small bedroom layouts, small master bedroom design, and small bedroom organization.

16 small bedroom design and layout tips

We like to think that small spaces are filled with outsized opportunities. Getting creative with how you use your space can help you create a small space bedroom layout that looks and feels larger and more stylish. The 16 small bedroom ideas are broken into three parts:

  • How to arrange a small bedroom
  • Small master bedroom arrangement ideas
  • Small bedroom organization and storage tips

Feel free to skip to the portion that interests you the most.

I. How To Arrange A Small Bedroom

This challenge typically goes hand-in-hand with the question, how can I maximize space in a small bedroom? Arranging a small bedroom has an impact on the look and feel of the room, regardless of what furniture you have to begin with. Below are some small bedroom space ideas to help when creating your next small bedroom layout:

Where should I put my bed in a small bedroom?

Start by putting your bed frame in the center of the most visible wall. (It’s usually the wall facing the doorway.) Putting your bed frame in the center will give your small bedroom layout symmetry so you can make the most of your space. You’ll have enough space to jump under the covers from both sides. Add in two nightstands if you can. Trying to put your bed along an accent wall will make your bedroom look even smaller, and this layout will also allow for plenty of wall space left for you to decorate.

How can you make a small bedroom look bigger?

Designer hint: Framing the bed or not, lighter walls make rooms seem more spacious.

Why limit yourself to a standard size nightstand?

If you don't have enough room on both sides of your bed, consider removing a bedside table to add more space to your small bedroom design. This will allow you to move your bed closer to the wall on one side and you'll still have some room on both sides. If you need even more room, you can remove both bedside tables and use an overhead shelf for lighting. If you don't have room for a bedside table, you can put them in a small closet.

Dressers for small bedrooms

When you are trying to make the most of limited floor space, you can always take advantage of height to make extra room. This idea is also appealing if you don't have the closet space to hold extra furniture. For example, you can put your TV on top of a tall, narrow chest or you can remove the chest altogether and mount a flat-screen TV on the wall.

Place your rug carefully

Is your rug an afterthought? Shouldn’t be. It can help make a small room look bigger, add softness, and introduce colors or patterns that tie your small bedroom design together. Follow your bed’s lead to understand what size rug you need. If the bed is centered, slip the rug about 2/3 of the way under. If it’s in a corner, put the rug next to it or under another piece of furniture. Learn more about choosing the right-sized rug.

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