At The Helm's invitation to inspiration

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Having enjoyed a warm response to its latest models and materials, Hydeline’s commercial director Michael Sheedy is excited about the direction of both the At The Helm and Hydeline brands – and interested parties need look no further than the supplier’s lavish Milton Keynes showroom for inspiration.

“After a positive start to the year, and an excellent show in January, we continue to develop our identity and explore new directions with bold and beautiful designs,” begins Michael.

Both the Hydeline and At The Helm brands operate from Hydeline’s UK headquarters in Milton Keynes. Here, daily operations including design and marketing, warehousing and customer support are carried out, while trade visitors are invited to explore the brands’ lavish permanent showroom, which has been carefully constructed to represent the identity of the At The Helm brand – an exquisite space in which to present the Signature Heritage and Modern Explorer collections to existing and prospective customers. 

Its design draws on aesthetics from past times of exploration and heritage, merged with modern features of travel and worldwide exploration, with the aim of immersing visitors in a complete brand experience. 

“It is an opportunity for our customers to see, touch and feel the brand, away from the hustle and bustle of exhibition settings,” Michael continues. “Relax in the luxurious comfort of an At The Helm sofa, and explore how the product offering and brand environment can create an inspiring retail experience in your store – we’re confident that we have a special offering, and we want our customers to feel the same.”

Visitors can journey through room settings featuring signature elements that have become synonymous with the brand – such as the modern bookcase or the tunnel feature – before enjoying a relaxing coffee at the bar. 

“Experience timeless classic Chesterfield designs such as Buckingham and Livingstone, that will complement elegant gentlemen’s clubs, picture-perfect country houses or Victorian living rooms, yet fit with ease into any modern living area,” says Michael. “You will feel the levels of craftsmanship, quality and comfort that set us apart.”

The Modern Explorer range boasts classic design elements, while drawing on further inspiration from travels around the world, states Michael, evoking iconic architecture, bold colours and textured materials to create new and individual designs with a modern twist. 

“Models such as the Grace and Leo are crafted from FSC-certified timber, and utilise Dacron made from recycled plastics. Foam-encapsulated pocket springs reduce the use of foam across both ranges, ensuring the brand builds towards a sustainable future while maintaining the pursuit of luxurious comfort,” says Michael.


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